UV Printed ADA-Compliant Signage

Environmental Graphics has the newest way of making tamper proof ADA signage. This product will be the best substitute for Chemically Welded, Photopolymer and Sand carved. With better pricing and faster turnaround times.

We now have the versatile Direct Jet MVP Classic 7200z UV LED Printer. This is a Patented UV ADA Printer that will print a perfect ADA sign with raised letters and braille. This UV process cures the tactile characters directly to the substrate. The letters and braille are permanently cured to the substrate material. The future of Tamper proof ADA signs is now available.

The versatile Direct Jet MVP Classic, 1800z, and 7200z UV LED printers now creates ADA-compliant Braille signage. Combine this compact, versatile printer with DCS’s Color Byte software, add-on ADA Module and InkMarkā„¢ UV Metal Matte-Finish substrates, or standard Cast Acrylic using our Adhesion Promoter to quickly and economically create signage that complies with federal ADA guidelines* via a DCS patented UV printing process. EGI manufactures Braille signs that offer the unprecedented option of either first-surface, second-surface graphics and creating raised-texture signage on acrylic substrates. With a full digitally printed background, raised letters and Braille dots.